NoteCard Discontinued

NoteCard has been officially discontinued and it’s features merged into TaskCard 2.0. If you are an existing NoteCard user you can upgrade to TaskCard 2 at a discount. Please go here for more information on upgrading.

Even though TaskCard has other features you may not need for simply taking notes it can be configured so that new cards appear as “Note Cards”.

Open the preferences and select Note from the New Cards popup button like in the picture below. Now when you add new cards using command-N they will be note cards by default.


I hope TaskCard 2 will serve as worthy replacement for the well dated NoteCard but if it does not please let us know what you would like to see different.


Upgrading to TaskCard 2

TaskCard 2 Screenshot
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How To Upgrade

If you are a TaskCard or NoteCard user that has purchased  after January 1st 2015  (but not after the release of TaskCard 2 on September 6th) the upgrade is free but you must contact with a copy of the receipt  either from PayPal or the Mac App Store. However, this offer does not apply to new purchases but you can request a discount code at any time (see below).

There will be a month delay or more before TaskCard 2 appears on the Mac App Store and if you purchased after the date stated above I can not upgrade you for free with Mac App Store version. I apologize but if you want the purchase to remain with the Mac App Store you’ll have to pay full price when it’s available.

If you are a TaskCard or NoteCard user that has purchased before January 1st 2015 the upgrade is not free and will cost $8 USD pending a discount code.

Users who purchased through PayPal or joined the mail list should have received an email containing the discount code but if you have not please contact us at with a copy of the receipt  either from PayPal or the Mac App Store.

Free Trial

You can try TaskCard 2 for free by downloading the demo here.

The demo is fully functional but will include a purchase button in the menu bar and splash screen upon startup and once per day if left open.

Legacy sheet files from TaskCard 1 or NoteCard are not compatible with TaskCard 2 but can be imported and converted into the new format. For this reason you should either move your old sheet files or choose a new location for TaskCard 2 sheets (which you will be prompted to do when the program first launches).


If you would like to purchase the upgrade please go to this page and enter the discount code you received.

The purchase page available from within the demo will not offer a discount so you must use this link.

NOTE: Before purchasing please consider that TaskCard 2 requires OS 10.9 Mavericks or above to run.

Suggestions, Questions, Concerns?

Because you’re already TaskCard users you’re the most familiar with it and your suggestions are very valuable to use and other users. Your feedback as users is crucial for the robustness, stability and long term success of the program.

Please feel free to contact with your suggestions for features you would like to see in future versions, missing features from the original you would like to have reintroduced and most importantly bugs or faulty behavior.

Thank you all for your continued support of TaskCard!

– Ryan


TaskCard and NoteCard plans for 2.0

TaskCard and NoteCard have been seriously neglected as I have stopped actively developing them over the last year and months. After struggling with a NoteCard update and making an iOS version of TaskCard I decided the app basically needs a rewrite using a modern code base. TaskCard was designed as such a simple app using a sprite engine (for fun) but the design has proved to by unmanageable and as the project expands it just gives me more and more problems.

For this reason I have decided to rewrite TaskCard as a 2.0 and merge NoteCard into TaskCard (i.e. note cards). Additionally I’m going to change some fundamentals of how the app works, using a document structured approach and start focusing more on the project management end (the original intent of the app but I’m not removing any features).

Most importantly the app will be designed to be ported to iOS from the beginning since these days not having a portable version almost renders the app useless for many users. I may even be able to release both at the same time.

I now have time to start working on this again since finishing Desktops (finally!) and with some luck I can transition most of the complicated parts of the app to the new design easily and this won’t be a project lasting longer than a few months.

Thanks for you patience!

NoteCard drawing bugs on 10.7.x

I’m starting work on a NoteCard 1.1 release and discovered there is a really annoying drawing bug while adding/removing cards and moving cards to sheets (leaving ghosts and and drawing the background when cover Desktop is enabled). The problem seems to be from QuartzGL which apparently is buggy in 10.7.3 (or earlier).

I don’t think it’s serious enough to rush out an update so I’m going to work on the current update as planned and in 1.1 disable QuartGL which is causing the bugs. Expect the update early next month.

Sorry about that guys!

TaskCard & NoteCard for iOS in development

This maybe isn’t the announcement you really wanted to hear but TaskCard and NoteCard for iOS are finally in full development and I would expect to be ready late July.

iOS ports are by the far the most frequently requested “feature” so I look forward to delivering, although I’m quite late to join the iOS platform I must admit.

Expect to some updates later and screen shots but for now I’ll just say that the interface is going to remain virtually identical except cards will be displayed one-per-screen (on iPhone) and 4 or 2 cards on iPad allowing you to swipe through “pages” of cards. Synching will be handled with DropBox or iCloud.

Not much else to say except I should have done this a long time ago since the platform has been much easier to work with then I thought and TaskCard/NoteCard are easily ported due to the way I designed them for Mac OS.

NoteCard & DockShelf 1.0.1 minor updates.

Let me first start by saying I’m terribly sorry for this pitifully slow update that should have been out a week after I released both these apps. I must have got burned  out and was eager to move on to other projects and “recreational” programming projects.

These 2 mintor updates address only a couple of issues but they are important.

In DockShelf docks now appear fixed when changing desktop spaces in Lion. I know this was driving people crazy and it wasn’t hard to fix at all. Actually I disabled this from the beginning because it was causing visual disturbances when changing spaces (still not resolved) but I didn’t realize what the down side of that would be.

The other issue wasn’t very wide spread however it was serious. A couple of users reporting that after shutting down their Mac DockShelf would reset their docks! I never did figure out how this could ever happen but I did find a fix that seems to have fixed the problem for those users. Fingers crossed…

For NoteCard the very annoying “stuck tabs” bug has been fixed allowing you to detach tabs from the screen edge finally.

As usual users who bought on the Mac App Store will have to wait 1-2 weeks for Apple to review the update (buy from us direct!).

Thanks guys!

Bug tracker trashed for simpler approach

I decided that the bug tracker system I installed is not working for our needs since it’s A) too complicated and B) doesn’t allow users to view reports without first registering.

Instead I have replaced the system with a simple page that contains a list of planned/requested features and known bugs (in the menu bar on and This way users can clearly see what features are planned and already requested for future development.

I inviate everyone to contribute submit your ideas and bugs report to help make our apps better. I appreciate the time you take to write me your ideas and often they get implemented since users know best. 🙂

Disappointing OS X Lion Performance

I was really let down when I tested NoteCard on OS X Lion to find that the general performance of all low level drawing (using Apple’s 2D graphic framework CoreGraphics) is not as fast as on Snow Leopard 10.6. After searching around on Google I found that other users are having these problems (I.E. the same app on the same Mac running slower on Lion) so I can only assume this is a bug which is hopefully being fixed.

If you ever get a chance to run NoteCard on both 10.6 and 10.7 you’ll notice on 10.7 the dragging of cards is noticeably slower, which is the main problem. The animations seems comparable at first but I have at times caught the OS getting totally bogged down and struggling to perform basic animations at anything better than 10 FPS. My feel is the OS becomes slower after being in use for long periods of time.

Personally I haven’t even “upgraded” to Lion as my primary OS yet because it damaged support for some critical programs I use daily and in general I found the performance and system usage to be too high to warrant any minor features I may have been interested in.

Surely this is the first OS in my entire history with Apple which I wasn’t quick to adopt due to bugs and back tracking of features performance.

NoteCard released today!

Today NoteCard has been released and ready for sale at The initial release price is set at a cheap $7.99 which may be temporary or permanent depending on the response.

As you may have noticed NoteCard is essentially a variant of TaskCard – a sticky note based task/project manager but without the task manager features. All the core features people have come to love about TaskCard are now available for simple note taking.

In addition to the basic features of TaskCard are also new features including: stacks, pages, tabbed cards and a full screen text editing environment called Reader.

What about TaskCard users who just want to take notes? I understand that some of you bought TaskCard not for the task manager but the for the sticky note system and will no doubt be upset to learn that there is now NoteCard (the app you really wanted) and it will cost more money to buy.

My apologies to you now but I don’t have an upgrade path for you at this moment. The problem is that there is currently no system in place with my billing service to offer upgrades so I’ll need to make my own system. Worse yet Apple has made it pretty impossible to contact my App Store customers so I’ll need to verify your purchases from inside the app possibly after I release a new version which has a “request upgrade” feature.

What about the note cards you said you were planning for TaskCard? My plans kind of changed on this one. I did say before I was going to add note cards to TaskCard in addition to the existing task cards and calendar cards but I changed my mind after seeing how bloated TaskCard was becoming already. I think it’s still possible I will add note cards to TaskCard but they will be a more basic version with limited features compared to NoteCard.

Please send your: feature requests, bug reports and general complaints to so we can evaluate all of them. Thanks guys!