TaskCard 2.0.7 Released

TaskCard 2.0.7 is released with the following changes. The in-app updating system I’m using has been totally automated so I hope to release more frequent updates now.

In the past it’s been such a ┬áhassle to release the 3 versions (demo, full version, App Store version) that I’ve avoided making small updates but the new system should fix this problem.

What’s new?

IMPORTANT: The auto-updating framework “Sparkle” has been updated to the latest stable version. The previous version was a potential security risk so please update to this version.
NEW: Pasting rich text (from web sites for example) removes any background color to preserve formatting in the card.
NEW: Cards can be “pinned” keeping them on top of all other windows except when in Dashboard mode (see the Card menu).
NEW: Option in the Edit menu to always paste and match style.
NEW: Copying and pasting card/item hyperlinks pastes the actual card or item name, respectively. This makes using hyperlinks much easier than before.
IMPROVED: Making new sheets doesn’t prompt for location in order to save time. Currently only sheets in the sheet folder are valid so this option makes more sense as of this version but will likely change in the future.
IMPROVED: The default card preference has been removed in favor of fixed new card shortcuts for each card type.
IMPROVED: Cards can be resized to the smallest amount possible now without the GUI overlapping.
FIXED: Slow input when adding new tasks on Sierra.
FIXED: The tab overflow button is aligned correctly.
FIXED: Crashes and bugs when changing sheet group names.
CHANGED: TaskCard is now a 64-bit binary.

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