DockShelf 1.5 on the Mac App Store after how long???

After 30 days of waiting and problems 1.5 is finally on the Mac App Store. I apologize for the long delay between versions but I’ve automated the update system I use so it will be easier to release more frequently now.

What’s new?

NEW: URL items can show an option favorite icon (see the preferences).
NEW: Paste files, links, text and images into stacks or folders.
NEW: “Sort by” options in folder browsers are now in the correct order (duh!), size ordering is more accurate and there’s a new option to sort by date added.
NEW: Text, images and links can be dropped and saved into folder items and folder docks.
NEW: Small edit dock button which can be used instead of contextual-clicking.
NEW: Add folder and desktop item in the dock info window which adds a new empty folder or desktop.
NEW: “Dragging out shares” option for docks which drops the item on the destination then removes the item from the dock. This option is used for docks that are temporary storage during drag and drop.
NEW: More built in dock images (see the dock info window).
IMPROVED: Drag and drop using hiding is now much improved and easier to use but requires you grant DockShelf access in the System Preferences (Security & Privacy > Privacy add enable DockShelf in the list).
IMPROVED: Animations have finally been optimized so DockShelf feels smoother and snappier now (make sure animations aren’t disabled in the preferences to check it out).
IMPROVED: Stacks have QuickLook previews now.
IMPROVED: Stacks can set top item so it’s easier to identity the stack in the dock.
IMPROVED: It’s easier to not drag items out of the dock by accident.
IMPROVED: Cleaned up the preferences window.
IMPROVED: Large size tag is 16pt instead of 14pt like before.
IMPROVED: Note items are all opened in a single window with a system standard style toolbar.
FIXED: Bugs in the “edit smart item” window when selecting custom locations.
FIXED: Bug when renaming folder items.
FIXED: Bug with DockShelf not appearing after logging in even though it was set to do so.

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