Upgrading to TaskCard 2

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How To Upgrade

If you are a TaskCard or NoteCard user that has purchased  after January 1st 2015  (but not after the release of TaskCard 2 on September 6th) the upgrade is free but you must contact upgrade@thealchemistguild.com with a copy of the receipt  either from PayPal or the Mac App Store. However, this offer does not apply to new purchases but you can request a discount code at any time (see below).

There will be a month delay or more before TaskCard 2 appears on the Mac App Store and if you purchased after the date stated above I can not upgrade you for free with Mac App Store version. I apologize but if you want the purchase to remain with the Mac App Store you’ll have to pay full price when it’s available.

If you are a TaskCard or NoteCard user that has purchased before January 1st 2015 the upgrade is not free and will cost $8 USD pending a discount code.

Users who purchased through PayPal or joined the mail list should have received an email containing the discount code but if you have not please contact us at upgrade@thealchemistguild.com with a copy of the receipt  either from PayPal or the Mac App Store.

Free Trial

You can try TaskCard 2 for free by downloading the demo here.

The demo is fully functional but will include a purchase button in the menu bar and splash screen upon startup and once per day if left open.

Legacy sheet files from TaskCard 1 or NoteCard are not compatible with TaskCard 2 but can be imported and converted into the new format. For this reason you should either move your old sheet files or choose a new location for TaskCard 2 sheets (which you will be prompted to do when the program first launches).


If you would like to purchase the upgrade please go to this page and enter the discount code you received.

The purchase page available from within the demo will not offer a discount so you must use this link.

NOTE: Before purchasing please consider that TaskCard 2 requires OS 10.9 Mavericks or above to run.

Suggestions, Questions, Concerns?

Because you’re already TaskCard users you’re the most familiar with it and your suggestions are very valuable to use and other users. Your feedback as users is crucial for the robustness, stability and long term success of the program.

Please feel free to contact info@thealchemistguild.com with your suggestions for features you would like to see in future versions, missing features from the original you would like to have reintroduced and most importantly bugs or faulty behavior.

Thank you all for your continued support of TaskCard!

– Ryan


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