NoteCard released today!

Today NoteCard has been released and ready for sale at The initial release price is set at a cheap $7.99 which may be temporary or permanent depending on the response.

As you may have noticed NoteCard is essentially a variant of TaskCard – a sticky note based task/project manager but without the task manager features. All the core features people have come to love about TaskCard are now available for simple note taking.

In addition to the basic features of TaskCard are also new features including: stacks, pages, tabbed cards and a full screen text editing environment called Reader.

What about TaskCard users who just want to take notes? I understand that some of you bought TaskCard not for the task manager but the for the sticky note system and will no doubt be upset to learn that there is now NoteCard (the app you really wanted) and it will cost more money to buy.

My apologies to you now but I don’t have an upgrade path for you at this moment. The problem is that there is currently no system in place with my billing service to offer upgrades so I’ll need to make my own system. Worse yet Apple has made it pretty impossible to contact my App Store customers so I’ll need to verify your purchases from inside the app possibly after I release a new version which has a “request upgrade” feature.

What about the note cards you said you were planning for TaskCard? My plans kind of changed on this one. I did say before I was going to add note cards to TaskCard in addition to the existing task cards and calendar cards but I changed my mind after seeing how bloated TaskCard was becoming already. I think it’s still possible I will add note cards to TaskCard but they will be a more basic version with limited features compared to NoteCard.

Please send your: feature requests, bug reports and general complaints to so we can evaluate all of them. Thanks guys!

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