TaskCard and NoteCard plans for 2.0

TaskCard and NoteCard have been seriously neglected as I have stopped actively developing them over the last year and months. After struggling with a NoteCard update and making an iOS version of TaskCard I decided the app basically needs a rewrite using a modern code base. TaskCard was designed as such a simple app using a sprite engine (for fun) but the design has proved to by unmanageable and as the project expands it just gives me more and more problems.

For this reason I have decided to rewrite TaskCard as a 2.0 and merge NoteCard into TaskCard (i.e. note cards). Additionally I’m going to change some fundamentals of how the app works, using a document structured approach and start focusing more on the project management end (the original intent of the app but I’m not removing any features).

Most importantly the app will be designed to be ported to iOS from the beginning since these days not having a portable version almost renders the app useless for many users. I may even be able to release both at the same time.

I now have time to start working on this again since finishing Desktops (finally!) and with some luck I can transition most of the complicated parts of the app to the new design easily and this won’t be a project lasting longer than a few months.

Thanks for you patience!

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