iCloudStatus Release

App-Icon-128x128After Yosemite was released I decided to start using the new iCloud Drive combined with rsync and a daily Calendar event to be my daily online-backup solution for projects.

Like most users I quickly found out how annoying it was to now know which files were actually uploaded and so thus iCloudStatus was born!

I imagine at some point Apple is going to add this functionality to the OS because it’s such a glaring omission but until them iCloudStatus is available. ┬áThe only reason I can think of for not having this feature is that they don’t want users to know just how slow iCloud Drive can be. It will get better with time but now I’ve had it stall for hours uploading text files.

I haven’t done much with it so far but it’s proven to not have any problems so far so I’m going to get it submitted to the Mac App Store this week (if Apple accepts it).

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