iCloudStatus not showing changes?

After only a week of launch the only complaints I have received are from users saying iCloudStatus does nothing when they add files to the iCloud Drive folder in the Finder.

I believe the problem they are having is from confusion involved in having what are basically references to iCloud directories in the iCloud Drive folder.

These “folders” appear in the iCloud Drive folder but are named by the Apple app they contain documents for such as, TextEdit, Pages, Numbers etc… If you try to use Get Info on these folders you’ll see nothing happens and you get a beep. This is because these are not actual folders and can not be tracked by iCloudStatus (as of version 1.0).

The problem can be fixed however by manually adding the iCloud references to iCloudStatus that you want to track but I will need to add this feature in the next update. After that changing documents in Pages for example will show status on your menu bar like you dragged files from the Finder.

Sorry for this omission, it will be corrected in the next update.

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