NoteCard & DockShelf 1.0.1 minor updates.

Let me first start by saying I’m terribly sorry for this pitifully slow update that should have been out a week after I released both these apps. I must have got burned ¬†out and was eager to move on to other projects and “recreational” programming projects.

These 2 mintor updates address only a couple of issues but they are important.

In DockShelf docks now appear fixed when changing desktop spaces in Lion. I know this was driving people crazy and it wasn’t hard to fix at all. Actually I disabled this from the beginning because it was causing visual disturbances when changing spaces (still not resolved) but I didn’t realize what the down side of that would be.

The other issue wasn’t very wide spread however it was serious. A couple of users reporting that after shutting down their Mac DockShelf would reset their docks! I never did figure out how this could ever happen but I did find a fix that seems to have fixed the problem for those users. Fingers crossed…

For NoteCard the very annoying “stuck tabs” bug has been fixed allowing you to detach tabs from the screen edge finally.

As usual users who bought on the Mac App Store will have to wait 1-2 weeks for Apple to review the update (buy from us direct!).

Thanks guys!

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