TaskCard & NoteCard for iOS in development

This maybe isn’t the announcement you really wanted to hear but TaskCard and NoteCard for iOS are finally in full development and I would expect to be ready late July.

iOS ports are by the far the most frequently requested “feature” so I look forward to delivering, although I’m quite late to join the iOS platform I must admit.

Expect to some updates later and screen shots but for now I’ll just say that the interface is going to remain virtually identical except cards will be displayed one-per-screen (on iPhone) and 4 or 2 cards on iPad allowing you to swipe through “pages” of cards. Synching will be handled with DropBox or iCloud.

Not much else to say except I should have done this a long time ago since the platform has been much easier to work with then I thought and TaskCard/NoteCard are easily ported due to the way I designed them for Mac OS.

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