DockShelf 1.1 Released

The first noteworthy update of DockShelf, version 1.1 has been released today. This is usually much more than I typically add in a minor version¬†update ¬†but I have been slow to release DockShelf updates since the release and there’s so much more I want to do with it!

The main focus of 1.1 is new browsing features including a popup window for browsing folders (like in the OS X Dock), Smart folders which use Spotlight and Stacks for creating custom groups of browsable files. Between Smart folders and Stacks I hope you can really expand the amount of files you can launch/navigate from DockShelf.

Some other new items have been added also including trash cans, separators and the Finder. Note that all the new items in 1.1 can be added from the new Items tab in the dock info window (right-click on the dock to open).

2 new “special” docks have been added also: process docks and device docks. These docks are static (can not be altered) and show all open applications and mounted devices, respectively. In a future version I would like to make item variants of these docks which can be added to any dock and show the processes/devices in a popup window (to save screen space).

Finally there is a small feature that allows you to add AppleScripts to applications which can be invoked from the contextual menu when you right-click on an application item (see the manual for instructions).

With that out of the way the next feature in 1.2 will be custom dock themes which I hope users will be able to help create and share. DockShelf is already built for custom themes but I didn’t perfect the system for the public yet.

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