After a really frustrating incident with a domain speculation company I have been able to acquire once and for all, where it shall remain for many years to come! I have been using this name since I was a kid but only recently registered the name as a LLC and now acquired the rights to the domain (since it was not available for the longest time). Please changed your bookmarks away from the old .org domain.

In case you were not aware there are companies out there that will buy a domain which (they have no real interest in)¬†except for extorting money from an indivdual who has a significant interest in the name. In my case they bought immediately after it expired (from the previous owner) because they noticed a business with the same name using and it was assumed they wanted the .com variant. They then will contact you with an offer to buy the domain at many hundreds or thousands of dollars above the fair market price. The same thing happens with land, food and any other commodity that can be used to turn a profit. Sad state of affairs for the world…. and the rich get richer…

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