TaskCard freeze fix and crash reports.

Finally after many users complaining about freezing I believe I have found the problem and was able to fix it. The issue was related to the new undo-support and changing sheets which caused a freeze very predictably. Needless to say all users are highly encouraged to download this new version! If you bought TaskCard via the Mac App Store you will have to wait a good week before Apple approves the update (ugh) or you can contact me and I’ll send you a fixed via directly via email.

Also worth mentioning is a significant number of users since the opening of the Mac App Store have been reporting random crashes and general total-melt downs of TaskCard. Since I have not been able to reproduce any crashes on my system I’m starting to believe these news users are confused by TaskCards “Hide/Show like Dashboard” feature which causes TaskCard to fade if clicked in the background. The feeling is new users are accidentally clicking in the background  and shocked to see TaskCard vanish before their eyes!

I will therefore be disabling the feature  by default (for the Mac App Store version only) as before the release into the store I never got any complaints. From what I’m learning about the Mac App Store many users are very new Mac users and that feature is not normal (except for Dashboard) so I can understand why they’re are confused.

Thank you everyone for reporting – I really appreciate your time and input!

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