TaskCard 1.5.2 (more critical bug fixes)

Firstly, I really must apologize recently for all these bug fixes and problems, I must need a break from work. 😉

1.5.2 is once again another bug fix update which I consider critical as it fixes the evil freeze when changing sheets that I thought I fixed in but that seems to not be the case! I don’t know how I missed that as it causes freezing constantly after using undo/redo.

Since DropBox support was added officially TaskCard now needs to keep better track of changes so DropBox doesn’t over-transfer sheet files and as of the last version deleting tasks and undo/redo didn’t trigger the updating which could have lead to data lose! Sorry guys, it’s fixed now.

Also worth noting is moving cards to empty sheets no longer crashes which was annoying for new users.

Hopefully TaskCard is getting stable now for the Mac App Store and I can focus on new features, which there are LOTS of. I badly want to get the iCal sync ready for release but it keeps getting pushed aside for bug fixes and adding smaller features that most users need. Not to mention an iPhone version which is gravely important as users have actually stopped using TaskCard because they have no way to take notes when they’re not at their Mac!

I’ll make another post and let you all know where the interesting development is going once I get settled and bugs go away. 😉

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