PascalGladiator 0.3 Released

This update focuses mainly on changes to the debugger but there are other useful updates to the editor also. However there is still a nasty bug I haven’t been able to track which causes the application to run slowly after using the debugger. I’m sorry to say the debugger STILL isn’t fully functional yet but it does work for short sessions, which after you can just quit the app (it restarts quick). I think the next version will have the debugger working correctly.


  • You can navigate errors in the console by using command keys (in the editor menu).
  • The first error in the console is auto-selected after a build.
  • You can set a label to files (like in the Finder) in the source browser by using file info. The coloring scheme is not very good yet however.
  • Document cursor selections are remembered.
  • The text in the find window is always selected when the window is opened (via command)
  • Creating new empty files inserts a default unit template. This file can be changed at: Contents/Resources/Templates/newfile.txt
  • $INCLUDE compiler directives are shown in the symbol browser.
  • Records and class symbols are closed in the symbol browser by default to avoid clutter.
  • Dragging a file from the project browser into text will insert a {$INCLUDE } compiler directive with the files name.
  • There is a function menu in the debugger editor. However, you can still only navigate within the file being debugged.
  • Stack frames without valid locations (from library code without source files for example) are not selectable in the stack frame browser and colored grey.
  • Common value types (i.e. strings, boolean, numbers, sets etc…) are colored in the debugger.
  • File info window (thus far is basically empty) by contextual clicking on a file in the browser. This is also how you can rename folders.
  • Function arguments longer than 255 characters are now handled correctly in the debugger.
  • Compiling syntax now updates the open documents text. Additionally, in the editor menu you can compile only the open editors syntax.
  • Killing the debugger session actually kills the program running.
  • Break points are 90% but still some quirks here and there.
  • Clearing all break points command in the project menu works. It also clears break points from all related projects!
  • Global symbols from the current file are shown in the debugger. This needs more testing as of now.
  • The SELF symbol is shown in the debugger.
  • Deeply nested pointers print values. However, fields from super-classes will not print yet citing a syntax error.
  • Mangled FPC symbol names (like TTABS_CREATE_$__APPEND) are cleaned up in the debuggers stack browser and readable.
  • Debugger always scrolls the execution stopped line into view.
  • Outstanding debugger issues with speed and long symbol values have been fixed.
  • There is a Add Frameworks item in the project menu that opens a choose dialog to the system frameworks folder.
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