PascalGladiator 0.2 Released

Big little release with many important changes. However, note that the debugger should just be ignored until I can get the ProcessUtils unit working under FPC 2.2.2. I haven’t been able to fix it without support from the developer and he’s busy right now. The debugger has new improvments but it’s still really slow and now fails to parse symbols with more than 255 characters of value output. I have been using this version to convert a few CW projects and it’s doing quite well.


  • Find and replace, including find in project with searches current project and all related projects (in the projects group).
  • Cleaning projects deletes all items in the temporary build folder.
  • Files are marked in the browser if they need compiling (dirty).
  • Dynamic libraries and frameworks can be copied into the application bundles framework folder during build by checking the application target option.
  • You can now navigate files by contextual clicking on the item in file browser and selecting a function.
  • Compiling syntax in the project menu. This needs to be done after making changes or adding new symbols.
  • Class browser. Open in the Window menu.
  • All open documents are saved before building.
  • Debugger editor has a toolbar with the file path and potential modification date warning.
  • Projects have a new PROJECTS group for debugging programs that link libraries from external projects. Contextual clicking contains a sources item that lets you open files from the project.
  • Builds dynamic libraries and bundles from “Library” programs. Note that only dynamic libraries are tested and working.
  • Console window has a status toolbar.
  • Syntax errors are shown in the gutter with help tags when you click on them.
  • Break points are synched properly when toggled during debugging.
  • Fixed a bug causing speed issues when saving files with break points
  • Chasing arrows animation appears in the file browser when files are compiling.
  • Pointer/object values are printed in the debugger.
  • Viewing class hierarchy in contextual menu
  • CoreFoundation variables will print values (via CFShow) in the debugger.
  • Complex types like CFDictionary do not display very well however. Note you can see the raw CFShow output in the console window.

  • Fixed incorrect scrolling when saving bug.
  • Variables are drawn in red when there values change in the debugger.
  • Debugging processes can be killed.
  • Option to ignore notes and warnings from the compiler in the application preferences.
  • In the help menu are some quick links to FPC documentation in pdf format on the hard disk at /Developer/Documentation/Free Pascal Compiler.
  • Jumping to symbols in files outside of the current document nows works correctly.
  • Opened symbols in the debugger now remember their state between stack frame changes.
  • Crashes are handled in the debugger.
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