WebScripter 2.0.3 Released

11/04/08: WebScripter 2.0.3 Released. Universal binary at last! This was no trivial step for me as I changed Pascal compilers (FPC) and development environment. Good-bye Pascal CodeWarrior and over 10 years of programming with it!

As an interesting side note WebScripter 2.0.3 is now being developed with my IDE PascalGladiator which was in turn developed mainly from components of WebScripter and the application framework.
  • Symbol filter in the side pane was removed for a cleaner look.
  • Updates can be downloaded automatically from within the application.
  • A new slicker website design appears with this release.
  • Disabled window toolbar items no longer look too white on Leopard’s darker appearance.
  • Changed the list appearance (again) to look more Leopard.
  • Various menu items enable/disable properly now.
  • New application/document icon. Thanks to Jordan of¬†www.onetoad.com.
  • Spell checker now works in the editor. There is also a spelling item in the contextual menu when you click on a word.
  • Find/Terminal panes animate as they open/close.
  • Icons in the preference window toolbars appear “selected” now. Doh!
  • Translucent drag images from lists now look better.
  • Menu items are now disabled if the command isn’t available. Doh!
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