iCloudStatus rejected from Mac App Store

After demanding the app remove the word “iCloud” from the title Apple has now said it’s violates another policy and this time no work around can be made.

2.29  Apps that do not use the appropriate Mac OS X APIs for modifying user data stored by other apps (e.g bookmarks, Address Book or Calendar entries) will be rejected

I’ll attempt to appeal but I suspect Apple is not going to allow any apps in the store to monitor changes to the iCloud Drive directory.

Before starting the app I suspected this may be the case but there is no clear way to request this information before developing an entire app and wasting developers time.

This final rejection was after 1 month of resubmissions following minor problems they were harassing me on. DockShelf 1.3 has been delayed 1 month also due to the submission problems.

If any users were curious why I don’t update the App Store versions as often as on the web site and I suggest users buy direct from PayPal, this is it.

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