Warehouse Released!

Today marks the release of Warehouse 1.0 (http://www.warehouseosx.com/).  Please send all comments and feature request that you may have, we love to hear these.

Any people interested in supporting your native language by localizing Warehouse will receive a free copy and updates for life along with the glorious fame!

Version 1.0 is the first step and already a few key new features are planned:

  • Fully bootable backups. I suspect this will be requested often…
  • FTP destinations. I have already developed a script for WebScripter which will make mirror copies of files on an FTP server and local disk which I will implement into Warehouse. The uploading/downloading will be slow like any FTP transfers but a handy tool for backing up files to remote servers.
  • ZIP archives. I’m not exactly sure how this will work yet but ZIP’ing archives makes a lot of sense since this is how people backup sometimes. Any suggestions are welcome.
  • Error logs. The backup log is handy for keeping track of backups that were performed in the background via scheduling but there are no reports of errors. This will be improved upon soon.
  • Multiple destinations. This feature will depend on people requesting it but I think backing up to multiple destinations at once would be nice for some scenarios.

Please let us know what other features/improvements you would like to see to make Warehouse a better tool for your needs.

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