Warehouse coming soon!


A new backup application named Warehouse is currently in the final stages of development and planned to be released soon.

As of  10.5 Leopard Apple has released a great backup utility called TimeMachine which will keep incremental backups of your entire hard disk on a schedule of your choice. This may be appropriate for many users but for myself it’s overkill and too much of a “one size fits all” solution, like the one button mouse I haven’t used in many years.

Instead of relying on a single button, single backup interface Warehouse uses a task based system which lets you backup based on a task-per-task basis using a variety of backup modes (not just incremental archiving like TimeMachine) and unique destination devices (any mountable device even Macs connected via network). This means that you only backup the files you need, where you want thus saving time and disk space. The real power of Warehouse comes from setting up scheduled backups that run in the background (you can even keep the application closed if you want) so all your data is safely backed up while you work.

As was mentioned Warehouse doesn’t just create incremental archives like TimeMachine but uses other modes as well such as: updating (only new files are transferred), bidirectional synching (both new files on the source and destination are transferred) and synchronizing (newer files are transferred and missing files are deleted on the destination). This makes Warehouse an ideal solution for synchronizing folders across Macs or on removable media like USB memory sticks.

For only $9.99 you can get more control over how you backup your files.

Please visit the website for more information.

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