Warehouse plans for the Mac App Store

A user the other emailed about newer versions of Warehouse besides 1.1 so I thought I should let you know the story.

Basically Warehouse hasn’t been selling much and so I haven’t been inclined to work on it too much, not to mention I’m busy with TaskCard and another new project. Since the Mac App Store has opened I’m inclined again to delay my current project and start updating again but first I need to make some rather large changes to how backup tasks are scheduled.

The Mac App Store has made it illegal for apps to use launchd which is the UNIX system utility I use for scheduling tasks and therefore I need to create a new background application (called WarehouseHelper) that will launch at startup and manage all tasks behind the scenes (even if Warehouse is closed).

Honestly this will be a change for the better because you’ll be able to get more direct feedback from TaskCard when it’s running scheduled backups and it will fix a bug that could your Mac to startup with the blue screen due to some corrupted data being placed into a launch agent file. Ack!

I’ll post some updates soon on what will be version 1.2!

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