TaskCard 1.5.1 adds DropBox support

TaskCard 1.5.1 is the first release to feature well tested DropBox support which users have been reporting has worked in the past but not without bugs. As of 1.5.1 TaskCard will watch for changes in the sheet folder/files and update the contents of sheets in real time within TaskCard if changes are detected.

It was alway possible in prior versions to change sheet files in the sheet folder but changes to open sheets weren’t reflected nor were changes to sheet files that were modified outside of a running version of TaskCard. Worse yet you could lose/overwrite data if sheets were open while their files were being replaced in the Finder.

There are some instructions in the manual now but the basic idea is that after you install DropBox is to create/move a sheet folder into the DropBox folder (located at ~/DropBox)  and any changes made to sheet files will be transferred automatically (to any other Macs who have installed DropBox). Then any versions of TaskCard that have set their sheet folder location (in the preferences) will be updated in real time as changes are made to the sheet files from other Macs.

This is only the first step to TaskCard offering complete synching/collaboration features as sheets files still don’t merge changes as they are updated which means if 2 versions of the sheet were edited the sheet file with the newest date will overwrite the older file and any unique changes that were made would be lost. When the sheet files are merged instead of replaced a tool like DropBox could be used to allow users to collaboratively edit sheets simultaneously on multiple Macs without loosing any changes. Pretty sweet!

Finally please note that DropBox is not the only tool you could use and that any folder synching/backup tool could be used, for example Warehouse which is another I developed.

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