Warehouse plans for 1.1

Once again helpful users have been kind enough to share their thoughts with me so I know which direction to develop Warehouse in. Without a doubt the most requested feature is better status reporting during backups which means a progress bar. I agree 100% and it’s annoying to not know how much longer the task will take especially on large backups. I didn’t include this in 1.0 even though it was an obvious feature because it presented some technical issues with rsync but I’ll put in the extra effort this time to make sure it’s done right. 😉

The second issue is little out of my hands but clearly needs some work. Some users have reported getting various warnings from the UNIX utility rsync which Warehouse uses to do most of the work. Warehouse will display these for you but I believe they’re not always useful and there should be an option to ignore warnings (by selecting them individually, not a global omission of all errors). However some of the errors users reported were preventing files from being backed up but unfortunately I can only provide limited support as they are not technically from Warehouse and I may not be familiar with them myself.

Finally a lack of error reporting with scheduled backups needs to be addressed soon but oddly enough I haven’t received any complaints here so it may appear in a later version. If a backup fails during scheduling it will report it as completed even though rsync may have failed to complete the process for any number of reasons. I hope this hasn’t confused anyone yet!

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