PascalGladiator status report

PascalGladiator is long overdue for a release to fix bugs and add iPhone device targets but has been delayed many months now. This is primarily because some heavy development I made to my DataBrowser class (for Warehouse) which broke many areas of PascalGladiator that are difficult to repair. In addition to that were upgrades to TObject (for TaskCard and Warehouse) which added some improvements like  modern reference counted memory, object archiving/unarchiving and some Cocoa-like dynamic method/instance variable accessing features that all need to be implemented into PascalGladiator. I should have kept the old code for compatibility with PascalGladiator because now I can’t get the project to compile! Once the overhaul is complete PascalGladiator will more robust, stable and probably be promoted to version 1.0 after all this time.

Pretty annoying and I’m not motivated to fix it but there’s too many crashes and bad memory use in PascalGladiator that must be addressed, not to mention iPhone support. I made some scripts for iPhone support already but until they’re implemented into the IDE they’re painful to use from the command line.

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