TaskCard makes the Mac App Store launch!

Sorry if there have been no updates recently but I have been busy getting TaskCard submitted to the app store and I didn’t want to do any active development until I knew it was accepted (Apple’s policy was very strict for submission).

Honestly there was every reason that TaskCard should have been rejected a few times causing me to miss the deadline so I’m quite surprised I made it. TaskCard is developed 100% using non-Apple tools and languages like TextMate (using all custom build scripts and custom HTML interfaces, before I used PascalGladiator my own IDE) for the editing/building and Objective-Pascal compiled using the Free Pascal Compiler. Not to mention TaskCard doesn’t use any standard OS X controls which all seemed to be against Apples strict policy they set.

I won’t write about it just now until I see the outcome unfold further but I’m really disappointed with this store and Apples level of control they’re trying to impose over their platform. The 30% they take for simply putting my apps icon and brief description into a database is totally over the top and just a scheme for Apple share holders to make billions of dollars off their developers. Not to mention the store is a pointless repeat of sites like MacUpdate.com which have existed for many years already…

Until later tell your friends to buy direct from the developers where they can get free trials, faster updates and all the proceeds go strait to the developer so we can continue to make software at fair prices.

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