TaskCard 1.4.5 bug fixes

I usually don’t update his often but there were 2 alarming bugs that appeared in recent updates that had to be fixed immediately.

First the “a” key was getting stuck as the activation key for users who didn’t specify any key (annoying!!) and second was a crash that occurred when dragging tasks over containers (very frequently). There were some other little things I fixed also since I was digging around in the code. I was nearly going to release some improvements so that changing sheets is much faster with card fading effects but I didn’t have enough time. I’ll leave that for the next minor version I suppose.

If you downloaded version 1.4.4 and were having these problems please get 1.4.5. I’m sorry to any potential new users who tried TaskCard and trashed it minutes later after being annoyed by these things.

Also, my first mistake using the new Sparkle update system was made which will cause users who downloaded the 1.4.4 demo to get upgrades to the full version of 1.4.5 and onwards. I fixed this in 1.4.5 so that demo versions don’t auto-update (to avoid extra work on my behalf when releasing updates because TaskCard uses a full and demo app instead of a serial number system) but the users who downloaded for those 4 days will get a freebie. However if you noticed TaskCard updated itself with a full version and you didn’t pay, please considering buying if like the software (which will get you free technical support also). Thanks guys!

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