Seemingly out of now where FPC now supports an impressively complete Objective-C dialect (Objective-P may we call it?) making PasCocoaKit obsolete. However, the PHP parser script used for PasCocoaKit has been used for the new headers with little modification so it wasn’t all a waste. It hasn’t even been 1 year since I developed PasCocoaKit and users were talking about a native FPC dialect so I consider this to have happened very fast and I’m quite surprised.

In coming versions of PascalGladiator I will support the new dialect in the syntax parser and start to package example programs with distribution, a feature only made possible as of 0.7 with it’s improved projects.

As far as I’m aware the key missing features are properties (from Objective-C 2.0) and Categories. At some points excessive type casting must be used to override Pascal’s strong typing conventions but this will be fixed in the future I would hope. Otherwise my tests show that the latest version is practically ready for full time development.

Very special thanks for Jonas and Dmitry for their work on the compiler and promptly fixing bugs in the first 2 weeks of release. Everyone is urged to download the latest version of FPC and test these new features so they can be made stronger.

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