PascalGladiator 0.7.1 Released

This releases is mainly about optimizations and highly recommended. Scrolling/selecting speeds will see a noticeable difference on larger files and a bug causing the program to get slower and slower as it ran was been fixed. I don’t know why but the POSIX regex library (from GNU) was getting “stuffed” when releasing memory probably in some caching scheme, but I don’t know if I caused this or it’s a bug. The result was files taking from 2 seconds to parse to 10 depending on how long the program was running. Instead of fighting with it I replaced all regular expressions to the PCRE library which I believe is wider supported and performance better than POSIX.

As a small bonus there is now support for Objective-C dialect which was recently introduced in FPC. Objcclass/objcprotocol/objccategory (doesn’t exist yet in FPC though) are support as well as “class” methods which are used instead of constructors. Get the latest build of FPC and enjoy!

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