iCloudStatus – Not seeing transfers?

If you’re testing iCloudStatus for the first time and you’re not seeing changes being tracked please review this list.

  1. Are the files you’re tracking in-progress transfers that you uploaded before launching iCloudStatus? If they are then progress will not be shown but you can press the Rescan button in the preferences to begin tracking existing transfers (please note this may take some time).
  2. Review the path of the directory in the preferences and make sure it descends from ~/Library/Mobile Documents for tracking iCloud (including non-iCloud Drive apps like Numbers, Pages or any others that save to iCloud) or ~/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs for iCloud Drive only.

    Please keep in mind that iCloud and iCloud Drive are not the same. If you save files to iCloud using the standard save window those files are saved in ~/Library/Mobile Documents even thought they may appear to be part of the iCloud Drive folder when you’re browsing in the Finder.

  3. Open the iCloud Drive folder in the Finder and confirm that you’re seeing the transfers there and that the iCloud system daemon is actually uploading the files. Starting in 10.11 El Capitan you should see progress in the status bar even for files being transferred to iCloud using 3rd party apps so you can confirm if the system is actually aware of the transfer.
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