WebScripter 2.0 Released

After a total rewrite of 1.0 and a new object-oriented application framework WebScripter 2.0 was released on 5/18/08. This followed the original (and only) 1.0 release on 4/20/06.

The official press release:

June 2nd 2008 – The Alchemist Guild today announced the release of WebScripter IDE 2.0, a web development environment for Mac OS X.

What is WebScripter?

WebScripter is an integrated development environment (IDE) for programming in several popular web scripting languages such as: PERL, PHP, CSS, HTML/XML, JavaScript and Ruby.

WebScripter offers powerful features to help improve productivity and manageability in all areas of the trade, including: text editing, previewing web pages, testing scripts, managing projects, navigating code and FTP integration. Designed with the principal in mind: “everything you need, needs to be where you need it” WebScripter will help give you a place to work where you’re productive and comfortable because you’re surrounded by the tools you need to get the job done.

Text editing is improved over standard editors by robust syntax coloring, scriptable macros that can run UNIX commands, drag and drop snippets and other shortcuts.

Web pages can be previewed from within the application, in external browsers or in real-time while typing.

Scripts such as PERL, PHP and Ruby can be executed and previewed, just like from the command like while helping you handle errors that may occur.

Code is made easier to navigate by the powerful syntax parser which collects information in your files (functions, variables, classes, etc…) and then lets you navigate them by that data.

For testing scripts on the web server, WebScripter features a built-in FTP client that lets you edit files directly on the server, just like a file on your hard disk.

What’s New?

2.0 in an exciting release because everything has changed. The original concept was scrapped and re-designed from the ground up with a modern OS X GUI using tabs for editing and split views for integrating features into a single window. The new design is compact, concise and helps to keep the user in close contact with the experience.

Notable features Include:

  • Scriptable macros
  • Shell commands
  • Auto-complete
  • Preview HTML live while typing
  • Function popup menu
  • Publish files to the web server in one-click
  • Built-in FTP support
  • Drag & drop code snippets
  • Browse projects using symbols
  • Organize code using projects
  • Error handling for PERL, PHP and Ruby scripts
  • Search files by project
  • Simulate user input when running scripts
  • Pseudo-terminal for testing scripts.
  • Execute scripts locally without the internet using Apache
  • Preview files in 3 modes

Cost and Requirements:

WebScripter 2.0 is priced for everyone, even students and hobbyists, for US $39 and will run on any Mac with 10.4 or higher installed.

Contact and URL:

Web Page: http://www.web-scripter.com
Developer: Ryan Joseph (ryan@web-scripter.com)
Address: 1739 Mariposa Ave, Boulder CO 80302.

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