TaskCard plans for 1.3

I have gotten tons of feature requests all of which are great and I’m trying to steadily implement all of them over time, which will take some time. The version numbering is going a little too fast but the next version should be 1.3 (we’re on 1.2.6 as of writing this) and here’s what’s planned in terms of major features.

  • Dragging cards to other sheets. This has been a very popular request and has already been developed and waiting for deployment into 1.3. When you drag a card over a sheet it’s image will scale to size then fall into the sheet where it was dropped. Quite nice. 😉
  • File/URL attachments (or clippings is another possible name). This is being developed now and I’m not 100% decided on all the details but files and URL’s will be able to be dragged onto cards along with some text (not sure about this yet). Then clicking on the icon will open the file/URL as it would normally in the Finder. This was requested often also by users who wanted to associate a file with a task for reference. Really good idea if you ask me.
  • Navigating cards/sheets by keyboard commands so you don’t have to use the mouse.

Those are pretty major feature improvements but also just below them are synching sheet files from Mac to Mac, iCal support and printing. These will probably have to wait until 1.4 but it’s possible one of them could sneak in.

TaskCard now has Japanese and French localizations thanks to the support of caring users. Please support your language by helping to localize TaskCard.

Btw, I have started to port the graphics engine TaskCard uses to iPhone so there will be an app coming out eventually but probably not for a few months yet.

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