TaskCard Plans for 1.1

Since the release of 1.0 just a couple weeks ago I have got lots of good feedback from the users. Here’s what’s planned for the next version and already under development:

  • Preference to not handle application switching like Dashboard.
  • Cut, Copy and pasting tasks. Text from other applications can now be pasted easily into cards also.
  • Preference to hide the desktop with an image for a cleaner look.
  • Global opacity and gradient settings for all cards.
  • Auto-update.
  • Real help file in the application Help menu like other OS X apps.
  • Transition effects when opening/closing cards.
  • Some multiple monitor support is added but it’s not yet complete.

Some ideas planned for later releases:

  • Printing.
  • Undo/redo when deleting and adding tasks.
  • File/URL task-attachments that can be opened in the Finder or in Safari.
  • iCal synching. I’m not sure how this can be done because there is no calendar concept in TaskCard but I suppose there could be done with some effort. I would like to see a calendar in TaskCard or at least groups for today, this week, this month etc…
  • Saving/opening cards to disk so they can be moved across computers.
  • Minimizing cards like windows in the Finder.
  • “Stacks” of cards to help you organize cards into related categories, like sub-tasks for cards.
  • Themes. I thought that it would be fun for users to create custom themes for card designs if they had a portable format they could “fill out” easily.
  • Notifications of tasks ending soon.
  • Filing cabinet for cards you don’t want to delete but may want to look at later.
  • Better color picker that has less options and easier to use.

About iPhone support. Some users mentioned this and yes, TaskCard was designed from the start to become an iPhone app. If you notice the entire interface is totally graphically and thus a very easy port to iPhone without very much changing in the interface. This is however a whole different application we’ll have to wait a while for this one. 😉

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