TaskCard Mini available on the Mac App Store

There is a new “mini” version of TaskCard available only on the Mac App Store prompted by Apples policy on not allowing trials which I think is unfair to the customers. Apples policy on the store seems to be giving the users little information then pressuring them into buying with a one-click system which can go 2 ways: #1 developers (and Apple) make sales by users who are just curious, and the user in the end loses after they realize the app is not what they want (a trial would have avoided this loss for them). #2 users who may have really wanted to buy won’t, because they don’t feel assured they’re getting what they want due to a no-trial system. Apple is certainly smarter than I am when it comes to marketing so maybe offering a trial/free version is just shooting myself in the foot?

About the app. TaskCard Mini limits the amount of cards to 4 and removed most of TaskCard’s “extra” features like sheets and attachments plus various preferences. I didn’t want to give away too much obviously since TaskCard is already very cheap and honestly the whole project is still an experiment I may pull from the store if it starts to cannibalize TaskCard sales. The iPhone app store seems to have plenty of apps offering “lite” versions as well and the theory is this will attract users to the paid version as free apps tend to get more exposure although I don’t see too many developers doing this on the Mac App Store. I’ll let you know how it goes in the coming week!

The trial version of TaskCard offered on the official web site is fully featured (with card/sheet limits) but is not allowed on the Mac App Store because of the watermark in the lower right hand corner of the screen requesting you to purchase. If you want a more complete tour of TaskCard because you’re interested in purchasing please download the trial but if you’re just wanting to have a simple TaskCard manager for free that gives you TaskCards core feature – bullet lists in sticky note format, than please try TaskCard Mini.

Visit TaskCard Mini on the Mac App Store

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