TaskCard 1.4.3 release notes

I’m sorry ┬áthat iCal sync didn’t make into this release (again) but there were some other smaller feature requests/bugs that needed attention first. With this out of the way 1.5 will feature iCal sync for sure.

Importantly in this release was the addition of real multiple monitor support, task indenting using tab/option-tab, duplicating cards and hiding completed tasks – all of which you can learn about in the manual once you update.

Before releasing I just noticed an unfortunate bug which affected 1.4 and I’m not sure how many earlier versions. The bug caused auto-update to fail to show the changes log in the window so if you’re upgrading t0 1.4.3 or higher from those versions affected you won’t get to see the changes and I can’t fix this for the older versions. However, you can always read the latest version history on the web site at www.taskcardosx.com. From 1.4.3 onwards it will be working again and I hope to change the list to HTML from plain text in the next release of 1.5.

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