PascalGladiator: Outstanding Bugs

The latest release 0.4 introduced some nasty bugs with all the changes that were made porting all the code to FPC and the code folding which really did a number on the syntax parser/text editor.  I didn’t really want to release this version but I felt if I didn’t you wouldn’t get a native Intel version that could run on 10.5 for many more months. Sorry guys!

Outstanding bugs since 0.4:

  • Sometimes files open with garble. Don’t save! Just close the file and open it again. There is a problem with WASTE and loading files in a thread.
  • Opening files while debugging crashes.
  • The debugger still causes some leaking in the regex library which causes the application to parse files very slow after the debugger has been run. The only cure is to quit the debugging sessions.
  • Breaks points are not synched properly after multiple debugging sessions. Quit the application and try again.
  • In 0.4b Compile Syntax is crashing. Just open the files and they will be compiled and saved as you go along.
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