1.6.1 TaskCard Update – Mailing list

After days of painful bug testing with a few very helpful users I was able to find the cause of a bug that was causing some Macs to crash directly after launching. I learned some very valuable lessons in remote debugging in cases when there is no crash report so hopefully ¬†this won’t happen again!

This disaster prompted to make a mailing list for TaskCard which you can join directly from inside the app and I highly recommend all users to do so. I will be using it only for contacting you when there are serious bugs which you should be aware of or beta versions you may be interested in testing. Your email will be kept private and you’re free to unsubscribe at any time.

Besides the crashing bug there were numerous other little fixes to problems introduced into 1.6 making this a pretty important release actually. Noteworthy is also a new Carbon version of the Sparkle.framework which was causing crashing for some users on and off for a long time. I hope as of 1.6.1 we won’t be seeing any more Sparkle crashes. If you purchased from the Mac App Store you’ll have to wait a few days until it gets approved however.

In addition to fixes there is one new important (but small) feature I neglected for a long time. TaskCard now has 3 editing modes which affect the way tasks are edited. The default of return ends the editing sessions was not very natural for many users I think and non-standard compared to other apps. Please see the manual in Tasks > Editing Modes for more info.

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